Adaptive® Deer Damage Control

Protect your flowers and shurbs from deer damage with a deer repellent service.

  • The TriOrganics® Difference

    TriOrganics® is different from all other companies. Our Adaptive® Deer Damage Control programs anticipate and take action based upon changes in everything from the environment and weather to plant and animal life cycles.

  • Deer Populations

    Deer damage to landscaping around homes, especially in yards with gardens, is common in urban and rural settings. The situation is especially prevalent in North East US because areas can average above 150 deer per square mile - 10 times the standard population.

  • The Problem

    Unfortunately, deer populations have outgrown many areas, forcing them to find food wherever it's available. And, since a deer can eat an average of 5-8 pounds of vegetation daily, just a small herd grazing in your garden can ruin your landscape in a single night.

  • Standard Program

    While most deer repellents use an offensive odor to try scaring away deer, TriOrganics® repellent has a pleasant aroma that repels deer because it irritates their strong sense of smell and taste. This method is especially effective for yards with low to high deer pressure and traffic.

  • Plus Program

    If you have high to severe deer pressure, you'll likely need a more aggressive approach. Extra protection may also be needed if there is ongoing planting of new lush flowers and plants.

  • What we are up against

    Keep in mind, deer are wild animals and under extreme circumstances there is nothing you can do to completely stop them. TriOrganics® deer repellent service is over 95% effective providing great protection.