Adaptive® Shrub Care

Protect your landscape and help it grow with Deep Root Fertilization, Systemic Insect Control, and winter burn protection.

  • The TriOrganics® Difference

    TriOrganics® is different from all other tree and lawn care companies. Our Adaptive® Shrub Care programs anticipate and take action based upon changes in everything from the environment and weather to plant and insect life cycles.

  • Healthy and Beautiful

    Shrubs and trees that are healthy not only look good but enable them to fight off insect infestations and disease outbreaks.

  • Insects and Diseases

    Insect damage and diseases are becoming more of an issue every year. Prevention is more important than ever as some new diseases have no means of control. Stop proplems before they even start.

  • Deep Root Feeding

    Our Deep Root Feeding program uses all natural fertilizer combined with powerful Biostimulants, Millions of Beneficial Bacteria, Minerals, and Nutrients. Delivered directly to the root zone for maximum uptake.

  • Systemic Insect Control

    This hybrid upgrade delivers control through the shrub rather than repeated topical applications. This helps reduce the amount of chemicals and provides better protection.

  • Winter Burn Protection

    Protect your shrubs against winter weather. Our Technicians apply an anti-desiccant spray to your shrubs that need protection. This service creates a protective layer that seals in moisture and reduces damage from the wind and extreme cold.