Adaptive® Tick Control

Our Tick Defender™ - Yard Protection Service helps to protect your family and pets from fleas and ticks in your yard.

  • The TriOrganics® Difference

    TriOrganics® is different from all other pest control companies. Our Adaptive® Tick Control programs anticipate and take action based upon changes in everything from the environment and weather to plant and insect life cycles.

  • US - Centers for Disease Control

    "Deer ticks are extremely dangerous because they carry and spread bacteria that cause Lyme disease which can affect your skin, joints, nervouse system and heart. Reported cases are on the rise..." -

  • Protection for the Family

    Our Yard Protection Service helps to protect your family and pets from both ticks and fleas in your yard. Focusing on Tick Prevention and Control.

  • Full Organic Options

    These programs create a repellent barrier on your property. We have developed granular and liquid repellents that are effective and do not have an offensive smell.

  • Hybrid Options

    This option offers extra protection against deer ticks. Providing 2 organic treatments during middle part of the year when your lawn is used the most. Then once in early spring and once in the fall we provide a chemical treatment when deer ticks are most vulnerable.

  • More Traditional Options

    For areas with high tick populations. Every property and situation is different. Once problem areas are identified we setup an Integrated Pest Management pogram that will help reduce the amount of chemicals needed for maximum control.