Question #1: Do you offer a guarantee on your services?

A guarantee eliminates risk for prospects and current customers. Companies that are afraid to offer a money-back guarantee often don’t have confidence in their lawn care and pest control services.

Question #2: What kind of training will my technician have?

In New Jersey, most companies train the bare minimum required – an operator status by the Department of Environmental Protection. This means technicians only have to attend a basic pesticide training course and receive company training for 40 hours.

Seek out companies where technicians are trained as certified applicators because they must study, attend advanced classes and pass multiple exams. The most reputable companies require technicians take continuing education each year with new advanced classes.

Question #3: Will you lock me into a service contract?

Companies confident in their services will not require you to sign a long-term contract. If for any reason you need to stop service, you should simply have to notify the company in writing.

Question #4: How does your company’s services impact the environment?

Sometimes companies resolve simple issues with dangerous chemicals because it’s easier or less expensive than trying to prevent the problem in the first place. An environmentally conscious company will aim to prevent problems before they occur, which allows them to limit the amount of chemicals used and offer organic options.

Just because a company claims they are “green,” doesn’t mean it. So review their services and ask about the company’s approach to lawn care and pest control.

Question #5: Can you give me some examples of how your company has established a positive reputation in the community?

You can find out how current and past clients view the company by requesting testimonials and success stories.

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