Fall is in the air! Temperatures are beginning to drop. The air is suddenly much cooler and crisp. Leaves are slowly changing to colors of red, orange and gold, while the air is filled with scents of Pumpkin spice and nutmeg. Our favorite season! Also, there are no more Ticks right? Wrong.  Many believe all Ticks will die or hibernate come cooler temperatures. It just isn’t so. While all other ticks may be out for the count, the Deer Tick remains active in the fall and early Winter. Taking advantage of less competition and unsuspecting hosts. Here are five steps to Protect yourself and your families from ticks,  while still enjoying Fall.

  1. Watch the height of your  grass-  Same rule of keeping grass levels low in Summer applies for Fall. Optimal grass length in fall is about 2 ½ inches. Ticks love to hang and wait for their host in long grassy areas.  Keep your grass mowed and clipping free, to prevent ticks from having areas of hiding.
  2. Wear light colored clothing- We know its fall and the colors of choice are darker and “fall” like, however lightly colored clothing makes it easier to see Ticks, should one catch a ride.  It is also best to wear pants and long sleeves when you are sitting in an area where you may come in contact with Ticks. These areas include, heavily brush-like or grassy areas.
  3. Clean up piles of leaves- As fun as it is to jump into huge piles of colorful leaves, don’t. Ticks love to bury themselves in leaves to hide from direct sunlight.  They also love the Humid environment the pile provides. In some instances, creating the perfect incubator to lay eggs. Be sure to discard of any piles of leaves that have been picked up, to prevent Ticks from hanging around your property.

  4. Check your pets- Ticks lie and wait in the cooler temps. Nothing is better to them then having a nice warm, furry host, such as an outside cat or dog. Be sure to check your pets after an afternoon walk or a simple bathroom break. This will keep Ticks from finding their way inside your warm, cozy home.
  5. Contact a prevention Company- When looking for prevention this Fall, be sure to contact a tick prevention company. This will cover all of your bases! If looking for an organic alternative,  be sure to contact TriOrganics. Our Product is an all natural solution for all of your Tick and Mosquito needs.