Mosquito sucking blood with the title, "The Mosquito Problem"

Mosquitoes are thought of as a nuisance at worst to most people, never more than a source itchiness and annoyance at outdoor activities. It’s not a huge issue, you may think, but you would be wrong! Mosquitoes present a major health risk that seeks you out any time you are outside.

Experts Think Mosquitoes Are A Big Problem

Recently, the new-found threat of “murder hornets” has people scared, more so because of the name. But as a University of Illinois entomologist told CBS News,

People are afraid of the wrong thing. The scariest insect out there are mosquitoes. People don’t think twice about them. If anyone’s a murder insect, it would be a mosquito.

CBS News

And the data shows an extremely large number of humans have died as a result of mosquitoes,

The mosquito has wreaked havoc on the world, killing as many as 50 billion people over the course of human existence.

CBS News

The CDC states that mosquitoes potentially carry:

  • Dengue viruses 
    • Dengue is a severe fever that is very deadly
    • 40% of the world population in over 100 countries are at risk of contracting dengue.
  • Saint Louis encephalitis virus
    • The virus causes brain inflammation that sometimes leads to death or long term disability.
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
    • Another virus causing a brain infection with a death rate of 30% of those who contract it.
  • Zika virus
    • The main issue is it can cause birth defects in unborn children.
    • There is no known medicine or vaccine for this virus.
  • West Nile virus
    • A sometimes fatal fever that has no treatment or prevention medically.
    • Leading cause of mosquito-borne disease in the U.S.
  • And many more

Mosquito Control

Rutgers’ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station recommends six control measures.

  1. Remove all standing water.
  2. For Adult Mosquitoes, do not apply insecticides yourself. Call the professionals instead.
  3. You can apply insecticide for larval mosquitoes in standing water that cant be removed.
  4. Allow county-wide mosquito control access to your property if needed.
  5. Clean-up trash from parks and public spaces to keep breeding grounds diminished.
  6. Spread this knowledge!

Using Professional Control Measures

While there are many many home remedies, some are old wives tales and others are just weak forms of professional products. None are effective in completing their goal. In the case of off the shelf pesticides, the not quite effective solutions often lead to mosquitoes becoming resistant to it. In turn, it will now be even harder to control the mosquitoes. 

Professionals are able to better target infestations. They know where mosquitoes are breeding and are able to use the correct concentration, making the amount of pesticide used exact, not too much and not too little. This means you are not killing wildlife, only the targeted insects

Targeting larval stage mosquitoes and having the right tools are another specialization of control professionals. Most home owners are not knowledgeable enough to find all the hidden standing water that holds more soon-to-be adults

By utilizing professional mosquito control, you will be able safely to keep your family healthy and nuisance free, all with ease. You will be able to have every mosquito on your property gone and stop new infestations from occurring for good.

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